Kun-Ta Chuang

Senior Advisor

Kun-Ta Chuang currently serves as an associate professor in Dept. of Computer Science and Information Engineering in National Cheng Kung University. He also serves as a technical specialist of the Science and Technology Policy Advisory Office, which is the core team taking responsibility for the decision support and strategy discussion in Board of Science and Technology, Executive Yuan, Taiwan.

Before joining NCKU, Prof. Chuang had more than 10 years of working experience as a software manager in a Taiwan-based startup and US-based EDA giant Synopsys. He received his PhD degree from Graduate Institute of Communication Engineering, National Taiwan University. His research interests include cloud technology, data science and machine learning. Currently, he is focusing on developing AI services for healthcare and green energy applications. A team led by Prof. Chuang is working on a so-called ‘utility 3.0’ project with Japan biggest electricity company, to develop new solutions on Virtual Power Plant (VPP), Peer-to-Peer green energy trading, charging scheduling for electric vehicles, and best strategies to participate in Demand Response programs. The goal of the 3-year academic-industry collaborative project pursues the best energy utilization based on AIoT technologies in the coming age with high penetration of renewable energy.