Jason Chien

Senior Advisor

Mr. Jason Chien graduated from the National Taipei University of Technology. He is highly experienced in Circular Economy design, Integrated management of green technology and energy conservation project start-ups. He specializes in the planning of agricultural industry, commercial integration demonstration projects, ecosystem design, investment project management, etc. From 1993 ~ 1994, Mr. Chien was the business manager of Wuchang mechanical environmental protection equipment engineering company. From 1994 ~ 1998 he became the General Manager of wastewater treatment industry of animal husbandry leisure farm in YONGGU environmental protection engineering company. Later on, he took on the role of Associate of General Management Office with Keqiao Electronics (PCB and backlight module of Panel, and listed OTC company). Mr. Chien was the head of Jisi and Yuzan Energy-saving Integration Technoloy Co., Ltd. He was also the head of Jisi and Yuzan Energy-saving Integration Technology Co., Ltd. from 2010 ~ 2012. He transitioned into the Vice President of LED and new energy division of contemporary energy conservation (Dongguan) Co., Ltd. and served as executive vice president of Dongguan Low Carbon Development Promotion Association in 2015. From 2014, he was also the Executive Director of Ecological Industrial Park of Anhui juliwang construction and Development Co., Ltd From 2018-2020. Mr. Chien held the position as the Executive Director of Hebei Xingtang primary, secondary and tertiary industry integration demonstration project of Beijing Xinji Weiye Group.