PANELTECH.US has founded The Circular Economy Innovation Center and has invited the participation of governments, universities, and multinational corporates. We have finalised agreements with a South-east Asian government, several Ivy League U.S. universities, and global businesses. These will be announced in due course.

How it works

In this way our partners will have access to PANELTECH’s global supply chain expertise and network and PANELTECH’s will have direct access to the latest:-

Design and artistic talent for end-user products that use PANELTECH materials and technology;

  • Green initiative information flow between markets, government and academia;
  • Research and Development for innovative green technology that meet market requirements; and
  • Academic and business expertise to advise on the most effective ways to put innovative green technology to work.

Application in circular economy

Bio-Fiber Composite Flooring (BFC)

Products: appliances, furnitures, wood flooring, cartons and packaging

Plastic Waste Building Material (PWBM)

Biodegradable Shellfish Plastic (BSP)

Products: textiles, plastic bags, single-use bottles, plastic manufacturing pellets


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