CSR Accelerator

Genesis EV & System Group

We have developed torque motor and Hybrid SI system to solve long-distance transportation and prolong the service life of large trucks, which can obtain a large amount of carbon rights and CSR.

Cooperating with the green procurement of clean and green diesel application can effectively save more than 30% of fuel, reduce emission pollution, protect the environment, and reduce the waste of resources of scrapped vehicles.

GENESIS is a permanent magnet servo motor technology with high precision, small size (1/3), large torque (12X), high energy saving efficiency (20%~30%), which can be used for a long time (lasting for 24 hours) and can not be demagnetized. It also verifies the high efficiency, stability and durability of the power module system under high current output; It can also make the vehicle run in pure electric mode in a quiet state.(Click here for more information)

AIM / Fruit of Nine

We are now integrating all patented technologies and cloud AI intelligent computing to develop solutions for climate change in response to environmental impacts caused by extreme weather; In the future, it can significantly reduce the loss of human property and life, as well as casualties.(Click here for more information)

Noah Builders

The disasters brought by the extreme climate in 2022: heat waves, wildfires, rainstorm and floods are frequent, and the world is deeply affected by climate change, such as extreme weather events such as hot summer, heavy rain, super typhoon and drought. It shows that you and I must immediately prevent the climate from deteriorating, and the top priority is to reduce carbon emissions.

“Zero emission building” is our ultimate goal. “Green buildings” are buildings that seek to consume the least energy and resources on the planet, produce the least waste, and have ecological, energy-saving, and health characteristics. In other words, whether residential or commercial buildings, as long as they have good lighting, ventilation, energy conservation, water saving, carbon reduction, and greening characteristics, they are healthy and comfortable, while also taking into account the sustainability of the environment. Building related equipment will not harm the environment, It can be called “green building”.

Noah Builders has integrated a number of green building and renewable energy technologies and materials, hoping to develop the concept of sustainable building in the future, achieving the goal of energy reduction, emission reduction, and compliance with a healthy and comfortable living and working environment.

The following are the various technologies that we have integrated, as described below:(Click here for more information)


PANELTECH.US has founded The Circular Economy Innovation Center and has invited the participation of governments, universities, and multinational corporates. We have finalised agreements with a South-east Asian government, several Ivy League U.S. universities, and global businesses. These will be announced in due course.

How it works

In this way our partners will have access to PANELTECH’s global supply chain expertise and network and PANELTECH’s will have direct access to the latest:-

Design and artistic talent for end-user products that use PANELTECH materials and technology;

  • Green initiative information flow between markets, government and academia;
  • Research and Development for innovative green technology that meet market requirements; and
  • Academic and business expertise to advise on the most effective ways to put innovative green technology to work.

Application in circular economy

Bio-Fiber Composite Flooring (BFC)

Products: appliances, furnitures, wood flooring, cartons and packaging

Plastic Waste Building Material (PWBM)

Biodegradable Shellfish Plastic (BSP)

Products: textiles, plastic bags, single-use bottles, plastic manufacturing pellets