Partners with Taiwan NJC Corp.

PANELTECH.US Corp. Partners with Nice Group- Taiwan NJC Corp. to Accelerate Localized Zero Waste Circular Economy Through Innovative Waste Solutions

October 1, 2021

PANELTECH.US Corporation is excited to announce a new partnership with Nice Group- Taiwan NJC Corp. to form the JV company Noah Builders & Organic Farm Technology Co., Ltd. under the goal of transforming used clothing, plastic, and agricultural wastes into furniture, construction materials, and more in Taiwan, Japan, Korea, and Malaysia. The environmentally-friendly new technology and increased lifespan of materials can accelerate the implementation of the circular economy worldwide under new waste solutions, to jointly reach SDG 17 and 2050 Net Zero targets.

Left: Leiven Tsai, CEO of PANELTECH.US Corp. Right: Chih-Yue Chang, Chairman of Nice Group- Taiwan NJC Corporation.

Global wastes continue to be a serious problem for the environment and our health while putting strains on the economy to cope with its aftermath. The global transition to a circular economy can unlock new economic opportunities while addressing climate change in the post-pandemic world. The partnership’s unique circular model emphasizes the incorporation of local and seasonal wastes that can be transformed into useful materials. For example, starting from repurposing fishing webs and marine wastes in regions of Chiayi, Taiwan where partner TNJC Corporation is based. Through tailored solutions of green production and consumption, local problems can become opportunities in alignment with Environment, Social, Governance (ESG) targets and many of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Chih-Yue Chang, Chairman of Taiwan NJC Corporation also served as a member of the Taiwan Environmental Protection Agency’s Recycling Fund Management Committee. He has put great effort in actively promoting cooperation plans to recycle and reuse various wastes. Over the years, he has successfully transformed TNJC Corporation into a zero-carbon chemical raw material company, utilizing only renewable palm oil as raw material. Today, TNJC Corporation is one of the pioneers of leading green production systems striving to work together with various sectors to achieve a greener future for all.

PANELTECH.US Corp. is a waste-solutions provider aiming to integrate existing technologies into circular economic models worldwide. Projects held by PANELTECH.US Corp. ensure profitability through product and material design, scalability from its channel partners, and flexibility in localized implementation. By combining the existing strengths of both companies, the partnership can efficiently reduce the use of petrochemical raw materials to achieve carbon and plastic reduction. The model conserves resources and maximizes value while retaining use life. Moreover, projects under the partnership will also address the environmental injustice of today’s consumption-disposal patterns through an emphasis on responsible consumers and corporations. PANELTECH.US Corp will continue to invest in the development of local skillsets, capacity building, and job creation for a greener future, leaving no one behind.

The diversity of products and abundant waste brings many opportunities for the green production line. Plastic wastes, wood fiber, clothing fiber, agricultural and marine wastes can all be made into highly demanded products such as sturdy construction materials, everyday containers, and bags, wood flooring, gardening tools, toys, etc. New life and utility are entrusted to what many perceive as troublesome wastes. “As leading pioneers of green production in Taiwan, TNJC Corporation confronts climate change challenges in alignment with current global efforts. We shall strive for reduced plastics, globally integrating the closed-loop supply system for material recycling,” said Chih-Yue Chang, Chairman of TNJC Corporation.

The partnership shall broaden the range of potential resources; improve and deepen localized collaboration with specialized paths; and provide new value and streamline experience with added intellectual capital. “The global supply of waste is ever-growing, this means more possible applications of diversified products reintroduced into the market, essentially reshaping consumer and corporate behavior,” says Leiven Tsai, CEO of PANELTECH.US Corp.

With the pressing need for green and sustainable transformation globally, products, raw materials, and resources need to be used to maximum efficiency, essentially revitalizing the possibilities of waste. The partnership established by PANELTECH.US Corp and Nice Group- Taiwan NJC Corporation hopes to effectively maximize scalability, profitability and is flexibly designed to play a role in revolutionizing green transformations.


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