Ben Hsieh

Chief Technology Officer

An expert on environmentally friendly chemical coatings with a fascination for R&D in the LED space.

Mr. Hsieh has 10 years of experience addressing environmental issues in the green industry. In particular he has worked to develop ecologically friendly imitation plastic wood floors for the green construction industry. He has also been heavily involved in creating environmentally friendly chemical coatings to replace traditional solvents and reduce Volatile Organic Compounds.

Mr. Hsieh also has 7 years of experience developing LED encapsulation materials for for energy-saving and carbon-reducing lighting. He has developed a series of hybrid materials for LED durability to lengthen product life.

After several years selling a variety of materials to the market, Mr. Hsieh moved to the laboratory to understand more about product design. He then joined the R&D team where he introduced a strategic profitability initiative in the form of cross-department resource integration to promote easier market acceptance of products.