Gloria Kasang Bulus

Senior NGO Advisor

At home, Ms. Bulus doesn‘t use plastic to fight climate change.


Gloria Kasang Bulus is an environmentalist concerned about the global destruction of nature. She founded her NGO Bridge That Gap Initiative and created a network of Civil Society in Environment (NCSE) raising awareness of the current climate crises, influencing environmental actions and confronting the complexities of environmental governance in Nigeria. 

Bulus’s educational background includes a master’s in Natural Resource Management and climate change and master’s in Renewable Energy. She also has a PGD in Geographic Information System, BSc in Environmental Studies and Resource Management, a professional certificate in Environmental Public Health and Water Safety and Hygiene. She was trained as a Climate Reality Leader in 2017 in Seattle, under the tutelage of Al Gore – the former US Vice President. Due to her exceptional work as a role of a climate change activist and communicator she received the Alfredo Sirkis Memorial Green Ring Award, presented by Al Gore.