Marián Mihalik


As a company representative, he brings more than 15 years of experience in business, business negotiations at all levels from small meetings, to managing negotiations at large presentations. He has participated in meetings at the government level and at the same time has negotiated at the international level in several B2B meetings, between business partners and government officials. These negotiations have led to many business successes for himself and his business partners. Mr. Mihalik, thanks to his experience and negotiation with a combination of European thinking with a positive approach to the Asian style of negotiation, has created a network of business partners, who know they can rely on him and continue to show confidence in him, which he has never disappointed. Currently, Mr. Mihalik is focusing mainly on supporting the transition of industry to a less environmentally burdensome economy and helping cities with the primary use of renewable energy sources instead of the standard sources in the Eastern region of the European Union.