Prof. H. Paul Wang

Senior Advisor

Prof. H. Paul Wang is a Chair Professor of Environmental Engineering Department at National Cheng Kung University. He has extensive research and development expertise in nanotechnology, green energy, and incineration/gasification/pyrolysis engineering. His prior experiences include the development of a multi-faceted and comprehensive recycling of biomass and wastewater with Texaco Inc. in California, US. Additionally, he developed an engineering-feasible and cost-effective process for carbon capture and utilization through a collaborative project with scientists at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. In the recent years, his research interests have extended to developing new applications in solar-driven CO2 and H2O-to-H2O2 fuel cells, thin vapor chamber (via nano-capillary pump loop) for heat dissipation of photoelectric devices, and recycling of chlorofluorocarbon wastes to diamond. Currently, he is working to scale up the novel fluidized capacitive deionization process which enables repurpose of seawater to fresh water through efficient capturing lithium and desalination.