Tiffany Jan

Special Assistant at CEO Office

At home, Ms. Jan tries to live a life that is plastic free.


An impassioned environmental and social advocate working with deep non-profit experience in creating positive change for communities.

Ms. Jan graduated in the field of Anthropology and International Development Studies, she spent years in the non-profit industry focused on the environment and climate change. She began her career in Sri Lanka working with the SLYCAN Trust, researching issues of environmental degradation due to climate catastrophes in the region of Trincomalee. The project grew out of a sustainable development initiative for local farmers.

She was also the Director of End Poverty Now, a Canadian NGO providing funds for global grassroots projects. Currently Ms. Jan is a Project Leader for a Taiwanese Foundation implementing scholarships and projects that assist in educating youth in becoming caring global citizens.

Tiffany offers an extensive and diverse skillset developed in many sectors that serve a good cause. She wishes to apply her know-how in helping PANELTECH. US realise its vision of sustainable economy.